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Flamboyant Professional Look

Cardigan Sweater powder blue by - Izod

Dress Shirt by - Ralph Lauren Polo

Yellow Tie by Jos. A Bank

This style has major flamboyance due to the yellow tie and suede loafers which make the outfit pop

Mens Cardign Sweater
Mens Suede Shoes

Matching Tie and Loafers

Yellow Suede Loafers by - Sam Edelman

Yellow Tie by - Jos. A Bank

It is the way these two colors play off of each other being the yellow and the powder blue, both bright and strategically matched throughout shirt, cardigan, trousers, shoes and tie that make this professional look so flamboyant.

This style should easily bump you up a knotch at the jobs best dressed list.

Menswear Spring Summer2018
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